Monday, April 30, 2007

Spring Spruce-Up 2! And a Nod to Poetry Month.

The boat wasn't the only thing that got some attention over the weekend - the raised bed got finished off, filled up & spiffed up too. Not quite in that order though!

Weekend before last, it looked like this:

I left having gotten just BARELY enough rocks propping up those boards. This weekend, on Saturday, I reinforced those - I think they'll stay up now - and that means I was able to turn my attention to a little decoration!

I actually found the coral & the big pink barnacles while I was walking from the bus stop to the club - it's a little odd because I'd been thinking that it would be fun to start keeping an eye out for pretty shells & beach glass & stuff to decorate with, and there they were, and don't they look nice? Let's see now, more dirt, and then...oh, there's something else, what was that again...

Oh, right, some PLANTS! I did actually get the acorn squash planted on Sunday. We'll see how they do - they really were looking poorly. Maybe some good sun & room to spread out will help. I'm sort of sorry I wasn't packing the camera on Sunday - in addition to the inaugural planting, the parakeets were around working on their nest all day.

In closing, in honor of National Poetry Month, I'd like to inflict - wait, I mean SHARE - the first verse of a song I've been making up.

It is called "The Ballad of the Schooner Anne". Because if a trip that supposed to last a thousand days isn't crazy enough to deserve to have a ballad written about it, I don't know what is.

This is the first verse. It is meant to be sung to the tune, The Rights of Man - appropriately, a hornpipe. Sailors? Hornpipe? Get it?

Next verse after this is going to start "At a pier in Hoboken the words they were spoken 'Now cast off every line!'". This could get ugly...

Oh, whatevahs. you go.

The Ballad of the Schooner Anne
first & only verse so far. But assuming all goes well, knock wood, I've got a little time to finish.

On the twenty-first of April did the Schooner Anne set sail
For to spend a thousand days among the albatross* and the whale
It was Reid and Sonya all alone ya can believe your ears
When I say they meant to sail away for two and three-quarter years.

Oh Reid built the Anne to a sturdy plan in his parents' own backyard
She had a hydroponic rig to grow alfafa sprouts and chard**
She was carved about Both in and out
With phoenix, and mermaids and sea gods
and a giant squid a-fightin' wid' a sperm whale stout.

*albatross to be sung as a triplet, otherwise the scansion gets all effed up.

**I don't think they're really growing chard. But it is a vegetable and it rhymes with backyard. So there.

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