Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pier 40 updates

Oops, I did not include a link to the details on that Pier 40 meeting notice, which is on the home page of the Hudson River Park. Details here.

And I can't quite believe I'm posting a link to a New York Post article here, that is definitely my least favorite NYC paper (although their headlines can be amusing), but last night during my subway ride home, I was sitting next to a guy who was leafing through a copy & the headline "Pier Pre$$ure" caught my eye - scanning for the moment he was on that page, I saw the words "Pier 40" and "Hudson River Park Trust" & of course went looking for it & found it & it turned out to be pretty interesting. You can read it here.

I probably won't be able to make it but will probably send a comment(they are taking those at suggesting that it would be really great if the Trust would take a proactive approach & work with the people & groups currently storing boats there to try to minimize the impact on those people whenever their current storage gets shut down for whatever ends up being constructed there. I'm not saying that the Trust somehow has an obligation to make sure that for every single boat that's stored in the Park, they need to ensure that if that boat's storage gets closed for improvements, the owner has a place to move it, because I don't think that's the case at all. That's the mindset I referred to as community gardenitis (described in the last part of the linked post). However, they've just had a vivid demonstration how disruptive & distressing even a temporary shutdown can be - it would be really nice if they learned from that & if it's at all possible, maybe make some alternative arrangements in advance. That business of move your boats in two weeks or you won't see them again until whenever the barge is reopened in the spring? That was rough. Worked out fine for me of course, but in general, a little more notice and/or a place where we could at least have moved our boats into some interim storage arrangement if we needed a little more time to make arrangements would have been really nice. As far as I was concerned, even one without water access would've been OK as a stopgap.

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