Monday, January 07, 2008

For Sale - Schooner Rosemary Ruth - (Not A Joke!)

Update - March 2013: Hooray! The Rosemary Ruth has found a new home. I'm sad we won't be seeing her in NY Harbor any longer, but I'm happy for Richard. There are some possessions where it's handy to have a spare. Spare paddle, yeah. Spare warm clothing, yeah. Spare room? I wish I had one of those. Spare schooner? OK, not so much. Congrats to the new owner, hope you have many happy hours aboard the RR!

I know that last time I put up a boat for sale notice, it was a joke...

This time, it's real.

Yes, the Rosemary Ruth, the most charming schooner in New York City, as featured in many a warmly (even on some pretty frosty days!) reminiscent blog posts, both here and on fellow NYC waterblog Tugster, is looking for a new owner.

And if I had more time, more money & more know-how, trust me, I wouldn't be posting about it here.

However the fact is that I can't even afford a sailing dinghy, and as for upkeep, well, between lack of free time & insufficient knowledge, I'm afraid that if I owned a sailboat it would end up looking like a candidate for the Blog of Unloved Boats (that's the photo blog I think would be funny to start but I don't have time for that, either).

So not being a potential purchaser myself - here's full details (and lots of non-silhouette pictures) of the Rosemary Ruth.

I hope Richard can find a good owner for the schooner. I've had some wonderful times on board.

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