Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Norwalk Harbor, Sunday, 3/29/08

Got out & did about 14 miles in Norwalk Harbor on Sunday. Would've gone further except that I had to stop...

to watch the Cedar Point Yacht Club Laser fleet race for a little while!

Asked permission of the committee boat to park near them, mentioning that I was just learning to sail dinghies myself - they were very busy but they were very nice, told me where I'd be safely out of the way for the start & the finish.

Lots of fun to watch.

Tillerman, see any friends?

It was a nice sailing breeze in the morning, but by the afternoon it died down...this larger sailboat gave up & started motoring not long after I took this picture. Enough wind to fill the sails, but not really move the boat too quickly.

I'd gone poking around in the marina across from the Small Boat Shop hoping to get a glimpse of a transantlantic rowboat - yes, there's a gentleman in Norwalk who's training, he's doing it as a fundraiser for cancer & I was really excited to finally see one of these special rowboats, but on a day like this, naturally he was out training. But these nice old wooden oyster boats were an acceptable consolation photo.

And finally - here's a picture for anyone who thinks kayakers are all a bunch of humorless gits with no sense of their true place in the maritime world:

That's Gaeton of the Small Boat Shop working on the good 'yak Speedbump, they are working very hard sprucing up the fleet for the season.

Did the first few miles solo, then went back at 3 & met TQ & we went out & did another circuit of the Norwalk Islands. Great day. Saw a pair of ospreys on the nest platform at the power plant in Norwalk Harbor - now there's a sign of spring!

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