Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bring On The Dancing Bunnies


It's snowing AGAIN.

Over in the Seals, Snow and Bigelow's comment thread, I'm getting argumentative over cheeseburgers and displaying my total ignorance of child rearing practices.

And I just whined about snow, to a guy in Vermont.

Bring on the dancing bunnies!

I was originally saving them for Lunar New Year (year of the rabbit, don'cha know?) but I think it's time NOW.

oh - PS for anyone coming in through Playak or random searches - this isn't just some random set of dancing bunnies I found on teh intertubes, the video is homemade, I just learned to do these last November & it's turned into something of a new hobby. This was only my second one without supervision, don't expect too much!

click "animation" in the labels at the bottom of this post if you'd like to see my first one & the one I participated in at a fantastic evening workshop run by the New York International Children's Film Festival - those will be the first few posts that come up (the rest are from people who actually know what they're doing). Just something I've been having a little fun with this winter.


bonnie said...

ps - extra special thank you to Pandabonium and Kimie" for finding me the most wonderfully perfect piece of music for this one, "Usagi No Dansu" means "Rabbit Dance" & the minute I heard it I knew it was perfect.

More later, I will probably do another Just Plain Silly post - "The Making of Origami Bunny Dance". But since I posted this now, I just wanted to give

bonnie said...

credit where it's due. :D

Baydog said...

So it IS true what they say about rabbits!

O Docker said...

Thanks so much for this, Bonnie. I've never really understood where bunnies come from.

Now I realize that they're origasmic.

You may need more room in your apartment for all of them by Easter.

bonnie said...

oh noooo!

Baydog said...

They taste an awful lot like chicken

bonnie said...

Not the paper kind! :D

Pandabonium said...

You did a great job of animating those bunnies. Glad you like the song.

If an origami rabbit has more than one mate is it called poly-gami?

bonnie said...

Oooohhh! :D

Pandabonium said...

Kimie's translation - not much to the song really, just about how cute they are ...

Rabbits’ Dance

So-so la, so la, so la, rabbits’ dance
Ta-latta, latta, latta
Lattta, latta, latta, la
Kick and kick with legs, pyoko-pyoko, dance
Put a headband on the ear, latta, latta, la

So-so la, so la, so la, cute dance
Ta-latta, latta, latta
Latta, latta, latta, la
Hop, step, jump and pyoko-pyoko, dance
Put on red shoes, ,latta, latta, la

JP said...

Great animation short!

bonnie said...

Thank you so much, Pandabonium & Kimie! I was embarrassed to bother you again, but I'm glad to know what the song means. Glad you enjoyed my little dancers!

JP, glad you liked it too.