Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Space Intentionally Left, If Not Blank, Then At Least Less Wordy Than Initially Considered.

I got a little angry/snarky/self-righteous over on Facebook today.

Somewhere in there I think there may have been a not-bad point or two. I was thinking I might come home and try to turn my little fit into a blog post.

But the good points were mixed in with some cheap and easy nose-thumbing and somehow it seemed like it would be disrespectful to do that just as the memorial service was about to start.

And then I listened to our President's speech and now find myself thinking it would be disrespectful to do that, period. So I'm not going to.

Peace be with us.



Tillerman said...

Damn, that man is good.

bonnie said...

Isn't he, though?

Anonymous said...

If any lessons could be learned.

bonnie said...

We can at least hope that they can be and will be.

I for one am going to at least think really hard before I post any more snark about Sarah Palin.

It is SO easy to jump in, but it's like a comment war on a blog, isn't it? One person making a negative comment isn't such a big deal. It's when all the other commenters start taking sides and defending that things get crazy.

Tillerman said...

I am going to try and not mention whatshername either.

arnold the cockroach said...

this has helped me to see that there might be a good side even to rain puddles