Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Post With A High Caloric Count.

Ha. This post started out called "Malasada Minded, and A Plate Of Kentucky Goodness". I changed it 'cause I looked at it and thought "Wow, people are going to need to go run around the block a few times just from looking at this one". Consider yourself warned.
From: Bonnie K. Frogma
To: chikalicious.dessert@gmail.com
Subject: Malasadas? REALLY?

Do you really have malasadas?


From: To: chikalicious.dessert@gmail.com
To: Bonnie K. Frogma
Subject: Re: Malasadas? REALLY?

Just took off menu for season. Back on in April


From: Bonnie K. Frogma
To: chikalicious.dessert@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Re: Malasadas? REALLY?

Oh SHOOTS! It's gonna be a long winter!


From: chikalicious.dessert@gmail.com
To: Bonnie K. Frogma
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Malasadas? REALLY?


************************ I guess I'll be paying a visit to the ChickaLicious Dessert Club in April, if not before. Sounds like somebody there must be from Hawai'i - they also serve shave ice. My friend Mandy & I have been discussing dinner and a movie in October. She's usually amenable to dessert, too - I'll have to run this past her. If it's warm, I'll give the shave ice a try. They have a deluxe version with adzuki beans, and I bet if I asked really really nicely they might put in some ice cream too - I usually don't go for the extras in Hawai'i but hey, you only have your first NYC shave ice once, so I might as well go whole hog, right?

If it's too cold for shave ice, I think I'll be able to find something on that menu that will do.

Oh, and speaking of firsts - here was a good one from Kentucky. Anyone want to venture a guess?:


Baydog said...

English Muffin, fried egg(s), tomatoes, bacon, cheddar cheese

Baydog said...

And maybe some chipped beef gravy?

Geeze, I dunno. I'd eat in a heartbeat (maybe one of my last).

bonnie said...

Oops, wrong meal -- maybe you left the comment before I replaced the original picture with one in which the Kentucky Bourbon Ale appeared!

This was dinner, and it's a local specialty that I'm not sure I ever would have tried without the guidance of an internet friend who lived in Lexington for a year. When I first mentioned that I was headed to Lexington on Facebook, one of the first comments was "Go to the Kentucky Horse Park, it's fabulous, but don't eat there - go to DeSha's and get a Hot Brown".

A Hot Brown is basically an open-faced turkey sandwich, and I'm not sure that I would ever have looked at a menu item that started out "open-faced turkey sandwich" and guessed it for such a local favorite. It's smothered in a mornay sauce, and yes, from there they add on cheddar cheese and bacon and then stick it under the broiler 'til it's bubbly and brown.

Interesting part is that that's not why it's called a Hot Brown. According to Wikipedia (which is of course 100% accurate), the dish was created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, and spread from there.

We ended up with at least one of us having a Hot Brown for 3 days out of the 4. My sister had the Inside Out Hot Brown for "linner" (we ate lunch awfully late) on Friday at Wallace Station, I had one for dinner on Sunday at DeSha's (I felt obliged, and I wasn't disappointed!), and then my sister had another one for lunch at the Merrick Inn on Monday afternoon, right before they drove me to the airport. We were sharing bites at every meal & it was really interesting trying this same dish 3 times 'cause each place definitely had their own take.

I think DeSha's was the most utterly over-the-rich-and-creamy top, though. Good stuff!