Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy's Aftermath - Midwood, Brooklyn, 10/30/2012

Delighted to say that this is the extent of damage to the building. Not bad! Midwood was in fact a good neighborhood to be in last night, as I'd mentioned, we never lost power and never had any flooding.
We did lose a lot of trees though. Saw a lot of this sort of thing when I went to walk TQ's dogs this afternoons, he works for parks and he's on a 12-hour shift today so I took care of the critters. I'm making some turkey soup out of a couple of ginormous turkey legs I cooked yesterday, I'll take some over to him for dinner this evening.
Dinosaur-leg soup! 

For more from my neighborhood, click here to go to a flickr set I put up this morning.

A couple of other good links - Sebago Sailing Co-Chair Jim has posted photos from the club - it's messed up but it looks like the boats are OK, looks like this weekend's fun will be clubhouse cleaning - here's Jim's album. And then my friend John should have changed his blog's name to "Weather Geek", just for a few days here - he went out to Coney Island and he's got photos & videos from before and after - click here to go to Control Geek, and search for "Sandy" to get all of the posts about the hurricane.

I am very, very sad to say that a couple of the storm deaths were in my neighborhood when a couple walking their dog last night got hit when one came down - please note, that was to my north, all of my photos are from the area couple of blocks south of me, my photos are only of trees that damaged property (or just missed damaging property, as in the case of one incredibly lucky car owner, who lost a bit of his back bumper!).


Phyllis Pope said...

Thanks for the pictures & commentary.
So glad you were prepared to weather the storm. The pictures were great!
My husband was living on Long Island during the
1938 Hurricane ( called "The Long Island Express")
Looks like there will be lots of clean-up to be done. Love & Prayers.

clairesgarden said...

just thinking of you and checking in, glad you are ok. x

Anonymous said...

Hello, Bonnie.
I have not been following your blog lately. I googled "frogma" and "blogspot" and there you were. Very glad to hear you and TQ are well. Please forgive this morbid comment, but I hope I understood your post to say the "couple" died together with their dog. I lost my beautiful beyond belief Linda to cancer, one year and 28 days ago, and I spent many nights praying to die so I could be with her where ever she is. If their dog went with them, it was a bonus. My wife and I were perfect for each other. It sucks to be left behind once you have known pure joy.
And Bravo on the turkey legs. Very smart food. Did you know that our crabs, dungeness crabs, hate chicken but love turkey. Legs are great bait and great food.
I am sorry I lost track of your blog, but thanks for still being there and for the storm update. Wish you the best, Saltwater Jim.

bonnie said...

Phyllis and Claire and Jim, thanks for the good wishes. I'm fine but lots of people not so lucky.

Oh, Jim, I am so sorry to hear about Linda. This couple did go together - terribly young, though, they were just in their mid-20's. If only they'd left five minutes earlier, or five minutes later, or just stayed inside. The dog needed veterinary care but he's going to be OK, hopefully some friend or family member will be able to give him a good home.