Monday, March 25, 2013

Signs of Spring at Floyd Bennett Field

Loon with some iconic skyscraper (funny thing is that I only noticed the loon while I was taking the picture, saw I'd gotten the Empire State Building in on the way home). Click for a better view.

Would've been a lovely day for a paddle (possibly even the take-the-dog-canoeing day we've been talking about for a while)  if we'd managed an earlier start, but we've both had a lot going on at work, and we ended up deciding to just go out to Floyd Bennett Field instead. Spring's definitely underway out there - we've got the spring overlap with winter birds like the lingering loon above (they should all start north soon), and then the spring birds starting to appear (like the pair of oystercatchers below - same kind as I'd cartoonified last week).   

We didn't see any ospreys yesterday, but I checked when we got back to TQ's place and the tagged osprey called Coley has joined the earlier arrivals. I hope to make a swing past the platform on Canarsie Pol before too long to see if we've got a pair there. 

Lots of little green leaves sprouting in the "Back Forty" hiking area, and where I stopped to take this picture, there was a fine chorus of spring peepers singing their heads off nearby.

One sign of spring we were happy to NOT see - no tick hatch yet!

Of course it all gets snowed on again today.

Note during lunch break - just stumbled across a very interesting article about spring peepers in the Washington Post. Click here to read. 


Jeff K said...

Signs of spring are certainly here, like all the red-tailed hawks swooping in pairs over the Hudson.

Did you see this sweet column in Saturday's NY Times about Don Riepe?

Very nice and to the point.

bonnie said...

I didn't see that! Thanks for the link. Nice little article & always good to see Don and the ALS make the paper.

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