Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5th Annual North River Historic Ships Festival - June 20th - June 23rd at Pier 40

Lehigh Valley 79 AKA the Waterfront Museum 

These are the stars of this weekend's 5th Annual North River Historic Ships festival, along with circus performers, some friendly sea creatures, and artist Frank Hanavan, who'll be there to teach knot tying (he likes to frame his nautical paintings in ropework for a very neat and salty effect). The festival is being held at Pier 25; it kicks off with a gala reception on Thursday night, June 20, and then continues through Sunday afternoon. For full details, visit the North River Historic Ships Society's website at Should be a great weekend there at the Hudson River end of North Moore street.

And if you happen to go on the 22nd, watch the waters for speeding outriggers - no, it's not Hawaii-5-0 shooting in NYC, it's the annual Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge hosted by New York Outrigger. E lauhoe mai na wa'a!

And as if that's not enough fun for one weekend, you've also got the Mermaid Parade Saturday afternoon.  Grrrr, baby!

And where will yours truly be during all of this maritime fun?

Why, brushing up on my rusty rusty Greenland skills at the Hudson River Greenland Festival, of course! I made it in off the waiting list, and I'm looking forward to it, but boy, if I hadn't gotten in I sure wouldn't have ended up sitting at home being sad - I think I would've done the Mermaid Parade on Saturday and come into the city for the festival on Sunday. No excuse for boredom on this solstice weekend, huh?


Joe said...

Did someone mention mermaids? That caught my attention.

bonnie said...

Coney Island will be swarming with sirens on Saturday!

zegluj said...

Sailors - not ships but women ;)