Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hudson River Greenland Festival 2013 .

Well, my work week's going all to heck --how is it that there are only three business days left in June??? -- so I don't know when I'll have time to write about it but I had a lovely weekend at the Hudson River Greenland Festival, held annually at Croton Point, and here are some pictures. I worked on my forward-finishing rolls (argh, the ones I used to have but lost through lack of practice, very frustrating) on Saturday and then after torturing myself that way for both Saturday sessions, I switched over to something completely different and took Adam Hansen's harpooning class on Sunday. Wonderful weekend! The photo above was taken as the participants saddled up for the Saturday morning session. click here to visit the gallery.


Tillerman said...

How was the 4:45pm laying on the grass?

bonnie said...

Well, I did not end up observing it (I was either drinking wine and chatting, or showering, can't recall which but it was one of those two activities) but since there were lots of eggs for breakfast both mornings it must have been a great success. Go chickens!