Saturday, April 11, 2015

So you know how it is when you should really go to bed --

but then you suddenly have to draw a boat?

OK, that doesn't happen to me all the time, but I hadn't done any of my more ambitious attempts at drawing or painting lately -- I mean as opposed to doodling on any non-crucial piece of paper that comes in reach while I have a writing instrument in hand, which is pretty much a perpetual thing -- so when I got to feeling like breaking out the sketchbook last night, I ran with it, even though it was pretty late and I was meeting a friend to go out to the club workday today at 8:30 am so couldn't really sleep in.

I had a nice subject, too, which was sent to me by a friend in Hawaii a couple of weeks back. I'd posted this rowboat doodle, which was just one of the aforementioned doodles on a piece of paper that came into range while I was holding a pencil - came out kind of nice for a doodle, though, so I shared it on Facebook:

Sean saw that and said, "Hey, that's pretty nice. How about trying the Araner?". The Araner was a very handsome ketch that Sean worked on for a time years ago; he shared this postcard, which I looked at and said "Ooh, yes, I think I would like to try to draw that".

 Didn't get to it for a couple of weeks, although there was one doodle at the desk one where I tried to just sketch the quickest outline of her lines from memory - that was pretty funny because when I finished it I looked at it and said to myself "You tried to make her into a schooner!" - somehow even though the front mast was taller, I still managed to make the aft sail the largest.

Last night's stab went a little better; this time, with the postcard onscreen, I managed to make her NOT look like a mutant schooner. Good start - hopefully I will get myself to come back to this, she's a nice-looking boat and it would be fun to do a cleaner version. 


Anonymous said...

Wish my doodles looked as neat as yours. Mine could be mistaken for my Granddaughters and she's not yet 3!

bonnie said...

Thanks! I've never had any lessons and when I do get ambitious, it takes me a ridiculously long time to finish something that one of my artist friends could knock out in half an hour, but I have fun with it and every now and then I surprise myself with how something comes out!

bonnie said...

ps I bet yours are better than you think they are.