Tuesday, June 02, 2015

In Staten Island, They Have Rainbows In The Showers

and they roof them with a canopy of blue sky and flowering trees. Sweet.

And they were hot! Lovely surprise when I was fully expecting to spend the weekend marinating in an unsavory glaze of sunscreen, sweat, and salt. Clean and dry, ahhhh. Hey there Steve the Paddling Chef, this was another great trip you cooked up here. Thanks! 
And here's a photo clubmate Minh just sent, which I think will make the perfect initial Northeastern urban environmental fieldwork submission to the study recently proposed at the Coast of Illinois, a "comprehensive, real-time analysis seeking a direct correlation between morbid lethargy proportional to repetitive tasks and its resolution when treated with random, pleasure directed activities". Yes indeed.


LauraEhlers said...

Upon correlation of this data, I feel we are ever closer to a breakthrough in Urban/Coastal Mood Stabilazation and Elevation. ;)

bonnie said...

The prone position has been modified slightly but the parameters for saline hydrotherapy, uv ray applications and introduction of aged fermented beverages were followed quite precisely, with the results to date entirely supportive of the Ehlers Hypothesis. Further reporting involving additional subjects engaging in energetic manual propulsion of small fiberglass vessels, immediately followed by caloric replenishment via expertly roasted medium-sized even-toed ungulate of the Suidae family, will follow next week.

LauraEhlers said...

I believe we are totally on track for the Nobel Peace Prize!!!