Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Latest project (plus Hokule'a film screening info - Thursday night in SoHo)

For more info about the Hokule'a's worldwide Malama Honua voyage, click here; for more about her stop in NYC, click here

Latest project. Never did anything like this before but I'm putting together a Hokule'a table display to take to the Clearwater festival. Most of it will be Polynesian Voyaging Society materials from their old website, where they still have an excellent archive of teaching materials. The organizers had been hoping that I could get a model of the Hokule'a; the PVS does have those and if I was driving up I might have looked into trying to get one, but I'm taking the train up and I just don't think I could transport a real model. However, I had a block of carving foam around from some other idea I'd had and not done at some other time, and the request for a model gave me the idea  to make a little toy sailing canoe to bring along.

It was a fun project - got off to a slow start as carving foam is a little harder to cut than I'd expected and what I had at home wasn't working at all, but I had the idea to take it to the club on Sunday and after we'd finished the day's event, I told a clubmate who's on the boatbuilding committee about my project and he let me into the toolshed and showed me where the basic hand tools that I needed were kept and that was just infinitely better. I did the hulls there, then picked up some odds and ends at Pearl River Mart to finish it off. Best find was a shelf of batik fabric samples - one of those made a very nice sail! I am SO sad that store is closing. Anyways, I stayed up way too late putting the boat together and I'm a little amazed at how much of a mess I created in my foyer with this silly little project, but in the end it came out kind of cute, I think. 

And speaking of Hokule'a - New York Outrigger is one of the organizations that is working to welcome her to New York City. NYO's Liberty Challenge is this coming Saturday; I'll have more about that and that wonderful paddle I went on with them and the Polynesian Voyaging Society tomorrow, but the festivities for the race actually kick off on Thursday night with a screening of the 'Oiwi TV documentary, Hokulea: Malama Honua Worldwide Voyage. The screening will be held at the Patagonia store at 72 Greene Street in SoHo. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., and Sam Low, author of Hawaiki Rising, will be on hand for a post-screening Q&A session. Should be a very interesting evening. Please visit the Liberty Challenge Film page for more details.


clairesgarden said...

fabulous little boat.. and you are starting on a full size model soon ??

bonnie said...

maybe that can be our next boatbuilding project at Sebago!