Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween - Fairport NY style!

I was out and about in the East Village tonight, but unfortunately forgot to take my camera, one should always have a camera when strolling about about in the Village on Halloween. Fortunately or unfortunately, there weren't really any costumes that made me really regret that foolish oversight, I think the really crazy costumes were probably more in the West Village, where they have the big Halloween parade. The dance class that I was headed to turned out to be cancelled tonight, and I initially thought I would come home and talk more about that great little cruiser that was our home-away-from-home for a week, but it is still Halloween for a little while so I've decided to go a little out-of-order and switch to Wednesday night in Fairport.

Fairport was the westernmost point suggested in the one-week itineraries, and Dave and Lenore, who were among the Kinja crew in that fabulous USVI sail in January of last year, and they were able to join us for dinner on our night there. Before dinner, they took us for a little local sightseeing, which was really nice, that was really our only sightseeing away from the canal (bikes would definitely have been a good addition to our setup, although I'm not sure where you would put bikes on a Nimble Nomad), and they took us to Powers Farm Market, a local favorite pre-Halloween destination with a gazillion pumpkins and spooooky cornstalk-thatched teepees! They also had a haunted hayride, but we skipped that (too scary? I'm not telling!). The weather didn't feel very Halloweenish, but the atmosphere sure did. Good fun, and if we hadn't already had more food on board than we were possibly going to finish in a week, this would've been a great place to re-stock!

Hope everyone had a very happy Halloween! 


Unknown said...

That's a lot of pumpkins.

On his album "New York," Lou Reed has a song called "Halloween Parade," and now I'm wondering whether it is about the West Village parade you're talking about. It starts off, "There's a downtown fairy singing out Proud Mary as she cruises Cnristopher Street"...

I'm not really a New York sort of person.

Anyway, glad you are in the midst of good Halloween times!

bonnie said...

Same one exactly, only written when a lot of people were dying of AIDS. I just listened to it, and I thought, "It's so sad, I wonder who he'd lost", and I found this, and it made perfect sense.

Happier times now, but at that time it must have been like any holiday after you've suffered a terrible loss - you may not want it to go on but it just does.

I've actually only ever been once - the parade is spectacular but so are the crowds. I tried to go a second time a couple of years ago but the parade was terribly late in starting and although I'd actually gotten there early enough to get a pretty good start, I was already running out of patience when a pack of rowdy teenaged girls turned up and decided that they were going to get to the front row by sheer attitude and pushiness. They were kind of looking for a fight and I just didn't want to deal with it, so I left.

Could've gone tonight since my dance class was cancelled but I decided on a quiet night of blogging at home.

bonnie said...

I meant I got a pretty good SPOT, when I was talking about my last attempt to see the parade. Not a pretty good start.

BTW I think that is the most pumpkins I have ever seen in one place at one time. Certainly the highest concentration of pumpkins. And the funny thing was, I didn't notice the horse head guy until I was looking through the pictures back at home - I was overwhelmed by the pumpkins, I guess!

Alana said...

Haven't been to Fairport, but I have been to some of the other Erie Canal towns, and there are many places upstate with pumpkin farms that open each October, to the delight of kids of all ages, with pumpkin people, corn mazes, and more. I honestly don't miss New York City (where I grew up) at this time of year. Christmas, though, is another story.