Sunday, October 30, 2016

J-Bay Weather

I WILL come back to the Erie Canal posts, I have a million pictures, but I did want to share some photos from a short paddle I did in Jamaica Bay today. I almost didn't take my camera, I was just going out for a workout over an area I've paddled hundreds of time before, but I'm glad that I did because the brants are back (sounds like fall out there now, hrrnk hrrrnk hrrrnk) AND there was a spectacular shift in the weather. Forecast had mentioned possible showers and thunderstorms but I wasn't expecting anything this dramatic! I was sticking along the shoreline and I did actually take out at Floyd Bennett Field, put on a jacket, and waited out the blast of the leading edge onshore - the really high winds only lasted for a few minutes and then I was able to carry on. The skies were mesmerizing! Click on first photo for slideshow view. 


Haralee said...

You are brave! First hint of rain on the water and I would be paddling like a crazy woman for shore! Gorgeous pictures of the change in weather from your water level perspective.

bonnie said...

Funny thing is, if the forecast had been a little more ominous, I might well have skipped the paddle (also, I totally forgot to look at the radar, which probably would've clued me in). As it was, I had the right gear and my tendency to stick close to shore if I'm on my own and the forecast is anything less than perfect paid off - I think I would've gotten through the first blast OK but it was much more fun to watch it blow through without having to fight it.

Michelle said...

Those are some amazing pictures! Gorgeous