Monday, June 12, 2017

Annual Hawai'i Picnic, Governor's Island, NYC

Taking a break from my Colorado blogging today to share some photos from wonderful picnic for people who are from or interested in Hawai'i that Halawai, the local organization dedicated to sharing Hawaiian culture here in the "Apala Nui" (OK, I just made that up, nobody really calls the Big Apple the "Apala Nui", but if they did want to say it in Hawaiian, that's what it would be, I think), puts on every June. I've known about this potluck for years but didn't always attend, with this time of year generally being great for boating, I frequently got myself committed to something on the water before I remembered the picnic. However, after having had such a generally amazing time being part of the welcome committee for Hokule'a on the NYC stop of the Malama Honua voyage, and making so many friends among the local Hawaiian community, the picnic is now on my can't-miss list.

It was a horribly hot day on Sunday but the location on Governor's Island was cooled by the breezes off of the still-chilly water of New York Harbor, and the music, the dancing, and the fellowship of da 'aina was beautiful, the plumerias were fragrant, and the food? Onolicious, beyond compare!

My contribution to the table: butter mochi from Hawaiian Electric's Electric Kitchen. So easy, so yummy, was gone in an hour! 

And that's it for the writeup - here are the rest of the pictures from the day, click for a slideshow view. I forgot to take pictures of the food (d'oh!) but here are: a couple of hula halau (I'm bad, I should have gotten the names); the lei-making tent; a couple more halau; adorable little girls who asked to dance Lovely Hula Hands (keiki hula is the cutest!); the lei that I made (smells like home!); graduates of the latest Hawaiian language class through Halau ╩╗┼îlelo; and then all the hula halau joining together in one big wonderful dance. Made me wish I could take hula again and join in - I did dance when I was a kid but I don't remember anything beyond a couple of first lines; I also wasn't very good and I also wasn't very patient with myself as a kid, I'm not sure I would be good now but 50 year old me is somewhat more understanding of the time it takes to do something than 15 year old me ever was. Just not sure where I would find the time, that's all!

Anyways, was good fun, enough wala'au, here's the pix!


bookworm said...

My Dad worked in Governors Island back in the 1950's. Perhaps 10 years ago I had the chance to spend a couple of hours there. I've always wanted to return but not sure it will happen any time soon. I'd love to go to an event like this. Alana

bonnie said...

I always think that this must have been such a cool place to be stationed - a military base can be a pretty nice place to live, everything you need right there, and this one's so pretty and in such an amazing location. These days it's become a great recreational asset, all kinds of fun things to do all summer. On Sunday, in addition to the Hawai'i picnic, there was some Roaring 20's thing going on, the island was crawling with flappers and 'sheiks' (not the Arab leader kind but the 1920's slang for the trendy young men that went with flapper kind). Awfully hot for dress-up like that but they looked great and it lent even more of a festive atmosphere!

Haralee said...

What a great backdrop for the Hawaiian festivities. I used to go to Hawaii on business and while most people were jealous it was working almost in another country. After going every 3 months the first year and not going to the beach I got a grip and totally went native when I was there. The people who worked for me were great and their style and tempo was different from the main land and I had to adapt. Once I did, productivity went up and we all were happy showing our enjoyment many times with food!

bonnie said...

Oh, good for you, that's exactly how you do it! Hawaii is its own place with its own history and ways of doing things - people who come in from the mainland acting all "high maka maka" are not gonna find that that works out too well (ha ha ha); works way better to meet folks halfway, respect the culture and the people. I wish I had an excuse to go to Hawai'i for business - as it is I don't have any relatives there any more but I try to get back at least once every 5 years, I go for the big high school reunions and get in a good visit while I'm there.

It's not perfect, it's not paradise, but it's a very special place.

Rebecca Olkowski said...

How fun to do Hawaii in New York. The water may not be so warm, though. Looks like you had a great time.