Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Upcoming Events - This Saturday in Hoboken, and July 15 all over the "6th Borough"

Just the quickest of posts tonight to share a couple of upcoming events that are sure to be great fun - both are free, family friendly, and you don't need to know the pointy end from the square end (or in the case of a kayak, the pointy end from, uh, the other pointy end) to have a great time!

This coming Saturday, June 24th, join Ke Aloha Outrigger and the Hoboken Cove Boathouse for a day of good fun, good food, friendly competition, and a big dose of Aloha spirit. All are welcome at the 1st Annual Hudson River Cup Race and Family Festival. I'm hoping they have a great turnout!

And then on July 15th, it's time once again for the Waterfront Alliance's annual City of Water Day. It started on Governor's Island, but now there are events all over the NYC waterfront, and some in NJ too! You can join us at the Sebago Canoe Club in Canarsie, you can head for the main festival on Governor's Island, or you can check out the main City of Water Day page for locations all around the waterfront of our amazing "6th Borough" (the perfect name for our local waterways, dreamed up by great local boatblogger Tugster Will). Again, all are welcome! 


Paula Kiger said...

Sounds like so much fun! I miss NYC! :-)

bonnie said...

Saturday's thing should be great, Ke Aloha is a relatively new club around here but made up of some of the founders and earliest members of the older New York Outrigger, loads of experience. I'm usually reluctant to leave Brooklyn on weekends but I want to go over there and support them.

City of Water Day is always fun, although I miss the days before it expanded to "In Your Neighborhood" - when it started, it was just on Governor's Island, and all the local human-powered boating clubs would paddle or row there. You could just stay for the day, or you could camp out on Governor's Island. I did that a couple of times when the tides worked out well on the day after to paddle back to Canarsie - that was great. A day when all the boating clubs have coordinated open houses is a good way for people who might not know about it otherwise to find out about affordable boating opportunities in their own neighborhood, though.

bonnie said...

click on the City of Water Day label at the bottom of the post for past years' fun!