Friday, December 07, 2018

A Pearl Harbor post for December 7th

I was going to post about the fancy duck of Central Park today, but it is December 7th today and I've decided to re-share one of my Pearl Harbor photo posts instead. 

Photos taken during a visit to my folks in 2007. That turned out to be their last year living in the islands - TQ came along on this one and I'm so glad he had this chance to see where I'm from. 

My dad being retired Navy, we got to go on a Navy tour, which runs in much closer along the shore of Ford Island than the public trips go (this is still a working base). That's how I have the picture of the Utah Memorial, which I wanted to share along with the more familiar Arizona Memorial. Click on any photo for a better view. 
Utah Memorial (on Ford Island)

Ford Island

Arizona Memorial

Inside the memorial

Battleship Row, with the USS Missouri. The concrete platforms to which the ships were moored are marked with the names of the ships that were there that day. Click here to read more about Battleship Row on that day

Closing with a peaceful picture - outrigger practice on Pu'uloa (Hawaiian name of Pearl Harbor). 


Alana said...

Although I didn't blog about Pearl Harbor/December 7, I have in past years. I have never been to Hawaii. I would love to one day as my Dad was a disabled (non combat related) WWII vet, to honor those who gave their lives that day.

bonnie said...

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house that looked out over Pearl Harbor, saw the Arizona Memorial pretty much every time I looked out. My dad was in the Navy, I grew up knowing the history there.

I got chills the first time I visited the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which was just last February. The museum there has a big mural of some of the ships that were built there. The Arizona prominently featured. I'd never realized before that after spending so much of my childhood overlooking her final resting place I've now been living for many years in the place where she was launched.

Grateful to your father.