Saturday, December 22, 2018

Escape from Black Friday - Thanksgiving warmup!

Sorry, this one's not open to the public like the walk I did with some family members the day after Thanksgiving, or the neat park with the elaborate cement bridges. This one goes way way back for me though - this is on the farm where my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bill (mentioned here and there on this blog as "Canoe Building Uncle", he's built and restored so many beautiful boats) brought up my cousins, and then handed it off to my cousin Sharon and her husband to raise their kids. Visits to this branch of the family were where I think I got my earliest taste for paddling - Michigonians (or is that Michiganders?) LOOOOOVE their canoes and I think I was being plunked down in an old aluminum Grumman on family trips here since before I can remember. No paddling in November, I was traveling light with just a carry-on stuffed with books and fancy chocolates, no room for a drysuit, but there was plenty of time on Thanksgiving day for a quiet walk around the pond. 
It's deer season in Michigan, nobody was supposed to be hunting this private property on Thanksgiving, but I did ask my cousin's husband for some blaze orange, just to be safe. So stylish, right?

So nice to get a little time to myself outside, and stretch my legs after my very sedentary work/fly Wednesday, and I got back just as Canoe-Building Uncle was taking the turkey out of the Weber kettle - oh was it ever delicious!

Great great visit - a little too short, and the last-minute plane tickets were steep, but I'm so glad I went. That's it for the writeup, click any photo for a slideshow view. 

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