Saturday, October 29, 2005

In which Bonnie gets angry at a right-winger.

So I left a comment yesterday at Courting Destiny - she put up a post about the indictment - one of the right-wing types that loves to bait people on her comments was right there with the usual nastiness. I have a lot to do this weekend, don't have time to explain exactly why the comment brought as forceful a response from me as it did - but I just threw down as simple a version of my thoughts on the matter as I could muster. I'm just so totally sick of conservatives acting as though anyone who questions the war in Iraq, with it's 2000 US military casualties and estimated 26K+ Iraqi deaths, is automatically anti-American and, even in the slightest degree, pro-terrorists - anyways, I just couldn't keep from responding to this ass with my take on the whole thing.

Pia asked me if she could post it onBring It On. I said sure. Please feel free to go check it out if you're curious although I have to warn you it is several notches up the anger scale than even the "occasional liberal rant" I do here from time to time. It's not very characteristic for me to go off the way I did - used to be moreso but the older I get, the less tendency I have to fly off the handle - but I wouldn't take any of it back now that I did.

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