Sunday, October 16, 2005

Moods of Pier 64

Last weekend vs. this weekend!

Lovely fall day yesterday. I was tempted to paddle yesterday but had to do some seat repair. I was rolling energetically enough during "greenland love night" week before last that I knocked loose a couple of the closed-cell foam wedges that I'd glued in as bracing for the seat a couple years age. I'm trying the spray-in foaming insulation that Sticks used with good results in his Romany Explorer this time so I needed to make sure I got it done before the temperature goes down any more, I don't have access to a heated repair place. Still a day on the river, though. And the seat feels pretty solid now. And I stayed to watch the sunset.

Nothing like over a week of rain to really make you appreciate a couple of sunny ones. We're having a little more today & I'm going to go enjoy it some - not paddling, going for a run today.

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