Friday, September 05, 2008

Upcoming Events -

Just a couple. Be careful out there this weekend, of course. Think I'm cocooning on Saturday.

1. Today & this weekend: What a maroon. I found out about the first ever NE Canoe & Kayak Symposium a couple of weeks ago when I got one of their emails looking for volunteer instructors. I and almost everybody else at Sebago already had plans, but it sounds like a fun event. I totally spaced on posting about it, started today & runs through the weekend. It's too bad the weather forecast's so rotten, but they've got classroom stuff, and that Teva Reel Paddling film festival, and Jon Bowermeister - lots more details here!

2. This weekend: the Small Boat Shop in South Norwalk, CT, is holding their fall sale. This has traditionally been their Demo Day sale, I've worked the last couple & it's always been lots of fun, they set up at the Ascension Beach Club & people come try out boats & watch demos all day. This year, they couldn't get the club, so it's a warehouse sale instead - which, given the forecast, is actually just as well. Full details on their website,

3. 9/25/08 - Tim of the Red Hook Boaters and the Message in a Bottle Project posted the following to the Rustbucket yahoo group recently:

Hi Paddlers,

On Sept 25th, the Gowanus Dredgers are hosting their annual fundraising party. This party is always a blast, and it raises a lot of money for the Dredgers, as well as the organizations they support, Red Hook Boaters, Long Island City Community Boathouse, and Staten Island Kayak Association.


Please click on the link, and buy a ticket, then come to the party. It will really help us with the planning if you can buy a ticket now so we know how much food and drink to get.

Here are pictures from 2006.
We had so much fun in 2007 we didn't get the pictures up yet.

It's really 2 parties in one. The early part of the evening is great for kids, they can take a canoe ride, be entertained by the fun pirate lady, and get their faces painted. Later in the evening there is more beer drinking, music, and rabble rousing.

Beer and food is included, so you can't beat it, and there are chances to win prizes.

Tim Gamble

5. 10/12/08: Riverkeeper is running a harborwide Waterfest! They need participants & volunteers. Sounds like fun, I'd think of doing it if I wasn't gonna be in Deception Pass woohoo!

6. 10/16/08: Oscar Chalupski clinic at Pier 66! Marcus Demuth posted the following:

Oscar Chalupski, 11 time World Paddle Ski Champion, Olympic paddler (Barcelona, 1992), and cherished instructor for all things Forward Stroke and beyond, will give a full day paddling clinic at Pier 66.

The class and instruction will be catered to both surf ski paddlers and sea kayakers who wish to increase their speed, form and reach, on Thursday, October 16th, appr. 10 AM to 6 PM.

The cost will be $150 for the full day. To reserve a spot for this rare full day clinic, please email

6. 10/19/08: Mayor's Cup!

7. 11/13/08: Just in from the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance (this gave me the impetus for doing this post)

Dear MWA Partners and Supporters,

Please save the date for the 2008 MWA Waterfront Conference: Thursday, November 13, 2008! At this daylong event, we will formally launch our Action Agenda for the Waterfront, a 12-point platform for a healthy, shared harbor. This agenda was formulated and shaped over the last year through the MWA Task Force discussions, in which more than 240 different organizations and public agencies have participated. The recommendations of each Task Force will also be released through the publication of six Waterfront White Papers, including:
+ Aquatecture
+ Mass Water Transit
+ Waterfront Recreation and Play
+ Green Harbor
+ Harbor Education
+ Waterfront Works

We would love to see you at the Conference on November 13th and at our upcoming "Heroes of the Harbor" Gala on October 6th. You can find out more about either of these events on our website -

Hope everyone had a great summer and we look forward to your participation at these upcoming events!


Roland Lewis
President and CEO
Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance
457 Madison Ave, 5th fl
New York, NY 10022
tel 212-935-9831 x296
cell 917 696 3139
fax 212-935-3193

And last but definitely not least - again Marcus posting to the Rustbucket list

8. 11/22/08 Exciting news (I hope):

Justine Curgenven and Barry Shaw, will visit our pier 66 boathouse on November 22nd, 2008 (Sat.) to show a 1 hour special of, and talk about, their recent circumnavigation of the South island of New Zealand, and to present the 4th installation of Justine's This is the Sea 4 DVD series.

You can see a preview at

More news when we come closer to the event ...

And that's it for the off-the-top-of-my...


I almost left out the most important one - my gosh, they woulda ridden me outta Canarsie on a rail if I forgot this! PHEW!

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 - it's the Sebago Canoe Club's 75th Anniversary Splash! The committee got the Prospect Park Picnic House, it's gonna be fun! Woohoo!

There! THAT'S it for the off-the-top-of-my-head lunch hour coming-events update!

Marketing detail report calls, back to the grindstone!

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