Friday, September 26, 2008

Fish on Friday

Sad to report that I am only feeling slightly livelier than this ex-striped-bass & former resident of the Montauk environs. Why did my worst cold of the year so far have to hit right on one of those weeks when I couldn't stay home? I did give in to it insofar as that I left work about an hour early yesterday 'cause I just couldn't keep going. Came home, threw some veggies in the pot of chicken broth I'd (fortuitously) made last weeked, put it on simmer, crashed for an hour, woke up, added some noodles, ate 2 bowls, crashed again. 10 hours of sleep gave me just enough energy to go to work today. Well, I hadn't infected all of my co-workers yet, you know?

So it's a quiet weekend in Brooklyn for me, which bums me out because I'd planned to spend tomorrow with the Sebago crew at the Alley Pond Environmental Center's Estuary Day festival. I had so much fun last year.

Another fun area Estuary Day event that I would have posted about last night if I hadn't been so wiped out happens up at the Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse up in Harlem.

Not me though. Picked up a roast duck in Chinatown on my way home, added it & topped off the soup pot. Ducken noodle soup for the whole weekend plus some for the freezer, that's the plan.

Oh, btw, you know how Estuary Day is always the last weekend in September (well, if you didn't, now you do). Can somebody please tell me where September went?

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