Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hooray, Chile!

I was all ready to leave work last night & then a Facebook comment from a friend alerted me to what was happening in Chile at that moment.

I turned on The first miner had JUST gotten out of the rescue capsule & I was just glued to the screen until the 2nd had surfaced, left the capsule hugged his wife & headed for the medical area. Wonderful! Wonderful! WONDERFUL!

Kept thinking of a favorite book of mine, one about the rescue of the crew trapped when Squalus went down. By an interesting coincidence, that was also 33 men.

Wonderful story & I was so happy to tune in again this morning to see that it was all still going well.

Best thing I've EVER seen on the internet!


Joe said...

In a world full of bad news it's nice to have such a positive story.

bonnie said...


Baydog said...

Great book, that Terrible Hours.
My eyes teared when I saw a mother hug her son after coming out of that mine. But then I get teary watching Disney movies.

bonnie said...

Well, if ever there was a news story that deserved an intense response, this was it.

Me, I was just sitting in my cubicle grinning like a fool!

moonstruck said...

Trying to remember when they stopped calling them "Bull Pens" and started calling them "cubicles"

Moonstruck, my O'day 23 was hauled out for the Winter yesterday. Rowing and sailing my Holder 14 till the lake freezes, Then , ice boating.

The drill that they used to make the rescue hole came from a company in PA. Nice to know that we still make something in the US

Dennis G