Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunny Sunday Sunfish

Dinghy Race #2 was a decided improvement over Dinghy Race #1 (and a major improvement over the weekend before when I got towed home).

Dinghy Race #3?

Well...look...wow what a gorgeous day. Oooh. Aaah.

I will try to find a few more of Tillerman's bright spots one of these evenings!


PeconicPuffin said...

Sunday looked like fine boat sailing conditions. Did you race on Saturday? It was blowing rather vigorously!

And yeah, heavy wetsuit/drysuit conditions are upon us.

ol' philosophizer said...

Being a sailor, you might be interested to know that maritime author, James L. Nelson, has started a blog (Red Over Red) that will probably focus on that activity. Here is a link in case you would like to check it out: http://jameslnelson.blogspot.com/
I met Jim once, and he is a very personable and enthusiastic spokesman for his craft.
Ol' P

bonnie said...

Peconic Puffin, we raced on Sunday. Saturday I would've left it to the windsurfers - those gusts were way too high for me.

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous, as I said, we had some great racing, I'm just not as experienced as the rest of the sailors who were out that day - I can have a blast in 10-15 kts if it's steady; Sunday was very gusty & shifty & I still get a bit flummoxed in those conditions - not good enough to respond instinctively to rapid changes, I have to think everything through & then try to do what I've thought about & by the time I finish doing whatever it is the wind has shifted 3 more times & then I look around to see where the mark has gotten to and...aw, shoot, how the heck did I end up all the way over here???


Ol' P, I don't know if I deserve the sobriquet of "sailor" these days. Still enjoy reading the adventures of people who are sailors though so I will take a look at Mr. Nelson's blog & add to my new blogrolls (whenever I get to those, I'm so bad at maintenance).

my2fish said...

bonnie - I like reading about your Sunfish adventures. keep it up - it makes up for mine sitting in the garage ready to be put away for winter.