Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy November 1st! NY State's Off-Season Life Jacket Law is now in effect.

Happy November 1st! NYS boating law says that all of us recreational boaters who are going out on NYS waterways in any type of craft that is 21 feet long or less now need to be wearing our lifejackets or face fines (not to mention an incredibly elevated risk of an unplanned trip overboard NOT having a happy ending)

And while I'm thinking about cold-water boating, I'm moving that link list back up closer to the top tonight. I moved it down to the bottom in June or so, 'cause by that time the water's getting to be a lot friendlier - well, now that water is moving back into the less-friendly range again. Looking over at the Stevens Institute NYHOPS page, I'm seeing water temperatures in the low 60's down to mid 50's & even some in the 40's back behind Sandy Hook (Navesink & Shrewsbury Rivers area). Getting down to where it is starting to pack a bit of a punch - this is a good time for those of us who keep going on into the fall and winter to brush up on our cold-water safety practices.

Here's to a safe and fun winter.


Pandabonium said...

This may turn out to be a dangerous precedent that interferes with natural selection. And just as the world population reaches 7 billion.

Just saying...

bonnie said...

Uh oh...and here our legislators thought they were doing something smart! :D