Friday, November 18, 2011

skimmer skimmer skimmer - playing with paint again!

Real paint this time --

not Microsoft paint.

Original "skimmerdoodle". Just the Microsoft Paint accessory, haven't got anything fancier. Been meaning to try actually painting it sometime. Skimmers are cool. ave been really busy but have been messing around with this watercolor version of the skimmer in bits of free time at home over the last week or so. Kinda liked the contrasts & flat colors of the original - can't really do that with watercolors but...well, again, that's what I have. Might try it again, or might try making the sky on this one a little bluer, or I might just think about it for a year or so again! :D

here's a real one, btw!


O Docker said...

If God had intended man to draw with a computer, he would have given each of us a Wacom EMR wireless drawing tablet with 2048 sensitivity levels, 5080 lpi resolution, eight express keys, and a four-function touch-ring.

bonnie said...

Sounds great! Where's mine? :D

Pandabonium said...

The fact that we all don't have a Wacom EMR whatever proves that either God didn't want us to draw with a computer or that there is no God.

However, with Crayola crayons, I can draw ON my computer.