Friday, December 02, 2011

Susan Fox Rogers "Reaches" Brooklyn - PLUS great news from MY reach!

Quickest of posts this afternoon, just copying & pasting an invitation to an event I've been looking forward to since I first found out about her book. I'll be there!

Dear New York area friends,

On December 8 I will be reading in Brooklyn at the Red Horse Cafe. This is part of a series named POD, which is curated by Matt and Carley, two talented writer friends of mine. And though it claims that the works are genre-bending I'll be reading straight up memoir/nature writing from My Reach. Please join me if you can.

Here is the full invitation:
POD with Rogers and Wolff
December 8, 6:30-8Red Horse Café
497 6th AvenuePark Slope, Brooklyn

Susan Fox Rogers is a visiting associate professor of writing at Bard College. She is the author of My Reach: A Hudson River Memoir (Cornell University Press 2011) and has edited twelve book anthologies including Antarctica: Life on the Ice and Solo: On Her Own Adventure. She knew Matt and Carley before they were married. Rebecca Wolff is the author of three books of poetry, (Manderley, Figment, The King), and a novel called The Beginners. She is the editor of Fence and Fence Books and the publisher of The Constant Critic. A fellow at the New York State Writers Institute, she lives in Athens, New York.For more info, go to:
I hope you can make it!
Susan Rogers
"This is an elegantly written and beautiful book, dominated by powerful, antithetical emotions: grief over the loss of elderly parents and exhilaration with exploring a great American river. There is Huck Finn and his raft and the Mississippi—now there is Susan Fox Rogers and her kayak and the Hudson River to add to the American canon of glorious nature writing."—Philip Roth

"Rogers has delivered a unique love story about the Hudson River. Like all good love stories it is poetic, sometimes sad, full of discovery and history, and ultimately life- affirming. My Reach is a special memoir about intimacy with a river, and self - and the truth that paddling is about living right. " - Holly Morris, author of Adventure Divas

And here's a happy note, later in the day - I just got some very nice news in an email newsletter from the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary Program. It's about the Four Sparrows Marsh, which I only found out about recently...

Entering Four Sparrows Marsh

I found out about it because it seems that Forest City Ratner (yes, the same folks behind the highly controversial Atlantic Yards project) felt that this would be a grand spot for a MALL. Funny use for even part of a piece of land that's supposed to be Forever Wild. I don't have time to go back and sort out the whole story but as I recall, some clever-pants bureaucrat somewhere decided that "Forever Wild" actually means "Wild Until We Find Some Technical Issue With The Parks Department's Original Filing At Which Point We Will Be Kind Enough To Let 3/4 Of It Remain Wild Instead Of Handing The Whole Thing Over To Ratner, Now Isn't That Nice Of Us?" Well, thank goodness, somebody somewhere finally had an attack of sanity or conscience or the P&L was falling apart or something, and now they're not doing it. YIPPEE!

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