Friday, May 23, 2014

How Much Do I Love Rounding the Northern Tip of Manhattan?

If number of photos taken is in direct proportion - evidently a lot!

Our gang ran into Kayak Cowgirl during our circumnavigation, but I didn't know that until she asked if I'd been part of the group she'd seen when I posted my trip gallery on Facebook. I replied:

"Yep! I was wondering if that was you but I couldn't really stop, I was taking so many pictures going around the northern tip of Manhattan that I was lagging behind, and we had a bit of that thing that you get when you turn a horse back towards the barn going on. That bit where you come around the corner at Columbia has always been a particular favorite piece of a circumnavigation - the Harlem is sort of confined and industrial and you're on it for a while then you come around the corner after the MTA bridge and ahhh, everything just opens out - I got utterly silly taking pictures every 30 seconds or something!"

Then I reassured people that I hadn't posted all of them in the trip gallery (it's still an endurance event in and of itself but I actually did edit things down a lot) - but then I started wondering how many pictures I'd actually taken in that section. Answer: This many. Click on the first one for a better view & go through slide-show style. 


JP said...

What a great trip - congratulations!

BTW, have you ever been to North Brother Island? I've just been reading about a book of photos from there.

bonnie said...

I have been! I'm scared to poke around in the old buildings because if something falls in on you nobody will find you for who knows how long, but even though it's not really allowed, like many local paddlers, I have stopped there for breaks every now and then. I'm not a big believer in the paranormal but it's certainly a haunting place, if not actually haunted.