Monday, November 10, 2014

NY State Cold Season Lifejacket Law - That Time Again

Oops, I'm a little bit late on my usual PSA, but better late than never. November 1st has come and gone, and here in New York State, that means that if you are going out in any recreational craft of 21 feet or less, you need to be wearing a properly fitting lifejacket. This continues to be true up until the 1st of May.

I still think this is one of the most sensible boating safety rules ever. Press release from 2009 (first year the regulation went into effect) here.

Unfortunately I remembered that it was time to do this post after reading about  a drowning in CT that was posted on the Boating In Connecticut Facebook page. 3 guys went out on a lake in an aluminum rowboat. No lifejackets, boat flipped. In August they would've thought it was just a funny story to tell over beers. As it was, only two of them made it back to shore.

Let's be careful out there. 

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