Sunday, September 27, 2015

Beginning of Lunar Eclipse, 9/27/2015

It's a pretty cloudy night here in NYC, but I did get some nice looks at tonight's Super Moon, Harvest Moon, Fourth In A Tetrad Lunar Eclipse. It was about here before a big cloud discouraged me and sent me back inside to fold laundry for a while; fortunately when I was done I decided to go back out and at that point it was fully eclipsed, deep red, and then one last look outside just now let me see the moon coming out from the other side of the shadow.  Glad the clouds cooperated as much as they did and glad I gave getting a shot a shot - wasn't sure I would get anything but using a parked SUV (fortunately not one of those vehicles with the hair-trigger alarm) to steady the camera worked pretty well. 


Haralee said...

It was something alright.I have been a wee bit irritable yesterday and today and my cat is being naughty so I am blaming it all on this moon! Could be?

Pandabonium said...

Saw the moon, but missed the blood. Beautiful photo Frogma.