Sunday, October 18, 2015

Back on the water, on a Classic Harbor Line fall foliage trip. Hooray!

Can't go under my own steam yet, but it was a glorious day for a ride on the schooner Adirondack, and after a couple of days of rushing off to doctors' appointments (just follow-ups to make sure healing is going as it should be, which it is, hurrah), it was SO nice this morning to be rushing off to get on a boat -- and not just any boat, this is the one I crewed on part-time for five years after leaving Manhattan Kayak Company, so aside from just being a really lovely passenger schooner, I'll always have a special fondness for this one. It's actually been a couple of years since I went out sailing on her and it was splendid to be back on board and back out on the water.

Classic Harbor Lines has just begun their fall foliage cruises up along the Palisades, which will run on into November; there wasn't a lot of color just yet, but there were little flashes of flame here and there among the green, and it's just gonna get better! Looking for a great way to go see the autumn show along the Palisades? Click here to visit the Classic Harbor Lines website. This is of course a totally unsolicited plug - just had such a nice time today, couldn't resist. BTW, if sailing is not your thing (or if it's just looking cold), they have a couple of nice motor vessels too - here's the Manhattan II coming by to say hello today - had to grab this shot quick but isn't nice? 

There will be more pix later of course, just picked a few to get this up. Good to be back to writing about boaty stuff again! Thanks Capt. Kat for a terrific return to the "sixth borough" - hadn't been that long but I was missing it already! 


Karen @BakingInATornado said...

What a glorious way to spend your time. So glad you were able to get out there. I bet it was good for your soul.

clairesgarden said...

looks like a gorgeous day for it. I find it funny thinking that there is a tour .. to look at the colour... here there is colour all around and you don't need to travel to see it. but perhaps if you live in a large enough city there isn't much?
but any reason to get out on a boat is a good reason!

bonnie said...

Yeah, there are trees in the city and the parks (especially the big ones) can get quite beautiful, but for masses and masses of color (which we didn't quite have for this one but should be developing soon) you do better if you can get even a little way out of the city. Foliage-viewing trips are so popular that there's a term for it - leafpeeping - and if you want to go to Vermont or Maine or one of those more rural states during peak season you better make your hotel reservations early before they all fill up with leafpeepers! Sounds like a frog or a bird, doesn't it?

The Palisades are beautiful in their own right, this big line of cliffs that run along the river, so a boat ride there is always nice. Especially on board the Adirondack! And we had perfect winds too - a little shifty but mostly right across the river, so the only time Capt. Kat actually had to tack was when we turned around to go home - meant we got to go a little further north than if the wind had been more in line with the river. Lovely, lovely day though.