Thursday, October 22, 2015

Launch Party for PortSide NewYork's GetOnBoard campaign - Tuesday, 10/27/2015

Sorry I've still been a little scarce here on social media, you'd think that with 3 weeks of medical leave and a recovery that's going very nicely I'd have all sorts of time to blog and Facebook, but I've been doing a lot more talking and emailing with friend and family, enjoying this nice weather we've been having with some good walks, and then, oh yeah, there are still a lot of doctor appointments, and I'm still kind of sleeping a lot. Improving though!

I have got a couple of posts lined up for one of these days (and then of course I only made it halfway through my Hawaii trip reporting!) but first there's another fun PortSide NewYork event sneaking up here that I've been meaning to post about for a while - once again, this will be at Hometown Bar-B-Que in Red Hook -- I went to the one they had around this time last year, the BBQ was awesome and I had a fantastic time!

Of course the wonderful big change between this year and last year is that last year, the Mary A. Whalen was still in her temporary but quite long-term berth in the Red Hook Container Port, where she was safe and secure but not easily accessible to the public due to various federal regulations. PortSide NewYork was able to carry on with programming using various pop-up spaces, but the staff had been working tirelessly to get the handsome old retired tanker back to a home where people could actually come to events on board, as they'd done during the organization's early years.

I can't remember whether founder Carolina was quite yet able to give specifics at last year's fundraiser, but I think she was at least able to say that good things were in the works, and of course earlier this year, the retired tanker was indeed moved into Atlantic Basin, where she's already been able to host some programs - very exciting that that's now possible again. With those housing issues worked out (woohoo!), PortSide NewYork is kicking off #GetOnBoard, a year-long program to grow the team, budget, programs and space. This year's Home Town Bar-B-Que will be the official launch party for this event, and it really should be a blast - PortSide NewYork throws a great party!

Read more about #GetOnBoard here, and purchase tickets here!

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