Friday, January 15, 2016

Fjord-y, oh lordy! (plus - Oh What A Bore!)

Because I have no time to blog this week - enjoy this instead. Thanks to my friend Omer for the link!

1:30 update - and as long as I'm sharing FB stuff - check out this colossal bore!

Read more about it (en Anglais!) here. 


Keep Reaching said...

Well, I learned a new word - and your pun fooled me. Far from boring - thanks.

Rob K said...

What's up with this music? Sounds like the theme to a Tarantino movie...or a Sixties Italian spy flick.

bonnie said...

I think they're channeling 60's surf movies!

Over on Facebook, one of my Sebago friends said we need one of these on the Hudson. I absolutely agree, this looks like so much fun!