Sunday, January 10, 2016

Missed a duckydoodle from 2014 - three little buffleheads

Speaking of bird drawings, I don't think these guys ever made it into the blog, possibly due to running afoul (a-fowl? ha ha ha!) of my fantastic first-ever swim with the Coney Island Polar Bears on Easter Sunday 2014. I definitely shared them on Facebook but I was looking for them here on the blog for some reason a week or two ago and oops, no sign of them.

This was the end of Project Duckydoodle in 2014, when I was trying to help myself with budget season brain-fry by coming home and drawing something instead of coming home and killing the rest of the day with silly online games or something. I'd done some walks in Sheepshead Bay and Prospect Park and gotten some nice winter duck pictures - these three buffleheads were one of those, the buffleheads being some of my favorite winter ducks, being so darned cute and all! My other duck doodles, I'd gotten obsessive about the water (that's actually a funny thing I find happens when I go to try to depict something in a semiserious way - the thing itself is not that hard but then I get fixated on making the water or other background/foreground look right, or at least good, which is kind of harder than you might think), but with these guys, I really liked the way they looked against the nice paper (beautiful little sketch pad from the M.P. Caviasca collection, made in Dallas, has to have been a gift from one of my Texas cousins as I wouldn't usually buy myself drawing paper this nice, the nicer the paper, the more scared I am to mess it up) so I just let them be. So there they be!


LauraEhlers said...

What a wonderful doodle. It is so peaceful and calm. nice job!

Rob K said...

Nice work, Bonnie! I can almost hear the little duckies quacking!

bonnie said...

Thanks! It was the peace and calm that I actually thought I might lose if I tried to do the water they were sitting in - decided it would be better to leave it suggested. Cutest of all our winter duckies!