Sunday, April 03, 2016

Ghost Ship Ball, 4/2/2016

Well, for all I was complaining about all the work I had to do, I still had quite the event-full week, starting with the great Hokule'a fundraiser by Halawai on Monday, and continuing the evening session of the Indigenous Resurgence panel discussion on Thursday (it was fascinating, and they had an incredible turnout, which was great to see). I have to go back there to see their Wayfinding Project gallery exhibit, which will run through the end of 2016.

 I did skip the Hokule'a Educators Workshop on Saturday morning for various reasons, but was delighted to find out that at least one friend attended, but last night TQ and I went to the House of Yes, a super hip venue in the super hip Bushwick section of Brooklyn, to attend the Ghost Ship Ball fundraiser for the North Brooklyn Boat Club and the Long Island City Community Boathouse. We left extra time to drive over because the organizers had stressed that the program would start on time, which meant we were one of the first guests to arrive; the glittery young man at the door looked a little puzzled when we walked in, looking very middle-aged, like maybe we were lost tourists and were going to ask how to get to the Empire State Building (I'm only half kidding, this was a very very young venue), but the minute we said "Boathouse party?" he lit up and said they were still setting up but come on in!

Unfortunately, since TQ works on Sundays and his workdays start early, we missed the acrobats, but I was mostly interested in the presentations, one by Johna and Vlad, the very adventurous paddlers behind the terrific Wind against Current blog, and one about the Hokule'a by Kim and Kalani from Halawai). They were all great, and tons of friends were there, so lots of good catching-up was done too. Happy to support our fellow boathouses, and what a fun evening! 


Vlad Brezina said...

Great photos, and great to see you there! :-)

Julie McCoy said...

What Vlad said. It was a great event and v nice to see some faces I hadn't seen in forever - including yours!

bonnie said...

It was a great night, wasn't it? So nice catching up - I was afraid it was going to be too loud to talk, but the way they have the place set up worked great, nice to have the quieter space out in front.