Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Painting again

Sorry no posts for so long, April's been the usual crazy month with the fiscal 2017 budget due at work, plus a much more unusual office move (I've been in the same cubicle for 10 years and accumulating crap for the entire time, so this is not going to be easy - I think it will be good in the end as there's a lot that can be pitched given motivation to do so, but the timing's rough), plus of course continuing medical stuff (chemo's over but now there are doctor appointments to prepare for reconstructive surgery at the end of April). I actually treated myself to a weekend entirely in my own neighborhood last weekend, didn't set foot on public transportation and only walked as far as the Cortelyou Road greenmarket. It was a pleasant combination of lazing about and getting things done that needed to be done; I'd planned to do a blog post in there but then I remembered that I had a pigment marker drawing of a ketch that I'd done on watercolor paper last year with the full intent of painting her, and decided to bust out the paint sets instead. Got a ways to go but off to a decent start.

In a funny coincidence, it turns out (according to the Facebook memory pages) that the night I finally started painting my friend Sean's Araner was exactly one year after I'd stayed up half the night doing a preliminary pencil drawing.

 I know I'm not a fast painter (I guess I have a reasonably good eye, but I have no training at all, I just try things and see if they work, and that's not a fast process for me) but this is ridiculous! 

To be continued, of course.

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Mithra Ballesteros said...

I liked this slice of life post. And I love the drawing. All those nice lines. It took me a while to realize that in art, I have a thing for lines.

bonnie said...

Thanks! I'm enough of a sailor that when I draw a boat, I like to show all the bits that make it work.