Tuesday, May 17, 2016

More from the Conservatory Garden

More from the Conservatory Garden in Central Park. I'm off the water for a month here, so taking advantage of that to squeeze in a little dry-land sightseeing. I used to live on East 91st and 1st and this was always a nice place to visit; somehow it had come up when my friend Mandy and I had gone to the Metropolitan Museum of Art over the winter, and I'd suggested that a garden/Cooper Hewitt combination would make for a nice day.

Unfortunately we missed the tulips at the north end of the garden, I'd been hoping to see those because TQ had helped plant them during a gardening class he'd done for work last Fall, but there was still plenty to see. 

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Anne Louise Bannon said...

Lovely photos. Darn, I'd love to visit NYC more often.