Sunday, July 17, 2016

City of Water Day 2016 at Sebago Canoe Club - another good one!

Another good City of Water day at Sebago Canoe Club! We had a great variety of boats for people to try, kayaks, canoes, the new rowing gig, two sailboats and there was even a trainer K-1 (sporty little racing kayak) available for the adventurous and unafraid to swim. It was a pretty warm day but the breeze was just perfect, enough for cooling but not enough to push the boats around too much, and despite the fact that there wasn't much publicity, we had a pretty good turnout and a lot of people had a good time on the water with us. The thunderstorms that were supposed to come through tonight made an early appearance, but it wasn't terrible timing, things started looking ominous a little before 4:00, which was when the event was supposed to be over anyways. I was actually out in the container where I store my Romany when the rain started, and after a long and busy day of trip leading, I actually enjoyed sitting in there looking out the door and listening to the rain drumming on the roof. Eventually I did brave the rain, took a few pictures out on the dock, and then joined the rest of the gang in the clubhouse for a good post-event dinner of sandwiches from a good Italian deli in the area. Another good day at the club! 

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