Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sebago Sailing Committee July Cruise

This was my first cruise in over a year! I'm actually not sure when my last sail was, but it may well have been the May 2015 cruise, which by an excellent coincidence happened to be on my birthday. June and July I guess I was busy with other things, including a wonderful week in Hawaii for my 30th HS reunion, and then when I got back I found the lump and then it was doctors doctors doctors. Great to be back out in a Sunfish at last! Holly the Sailing Committee Co-Chair set up a good long one, the last two were shortish due to weather, but this time the weather was more cooperative and she set up a route that went around Ruffle Bar, on out to Broad Channel, around Ruler's Bar and Black Wall Marsh, back to Ruffle Bar for lunch, finishing off with a loop around the east end of Canarsie Pol and then (phew) back to the club.

12 miles as the kayak paddles, god only knows how long as the Sunfish tacks, especially when I got so tired towards the end (plus demoralized by having to throw in extra tack to avoid a motorboat that was moving a little faster than I liked and then running aground because of that) that I just completely gave up on sailing well and Holly had to come back and remind me (this happens to me in paddling too but I'm much more aware of it when my paddling form starts to get sloppy and there I can correct myself once I realize that I'm wasting energy that way). There were some very good stretches before that though - would've actually been a great sail if I'd taken the shortcut that had been suggested for the Melonseed (lovely little boat but a bit slower than the Sunfish) - I'd thought about following them, which would've exchanged mileage for rest, but at the point that decision had to be made things were going along so nicely that I didn't want to stop. Underestimated the beating to follow, whoops. Did make it home under my own steam, and I did get some nice pix - but oh my hands and oh my sitzbones! I'm going to sleep very well tonight.

Here's the pix - usually this many I would put on a Flickr album but I'm soooooo sleepy and this is a couple less steps! Click on the first one for a slideshow view. 


Unknown said...

Glad you got back out after all you've been through and I liked the pics!

bonnie said...

Bit off a little more than I should have but it was a lovely day out there!

BTW I went to my first dance class since the 1990's yesterday. So you can see I am taking my role as official dancer for Groves of Spears seriously! :D

Alana said...

I haven't been on a sailboat since around 2006. My son, while in high school, learned to sail one summer and took me out on his "graduation" - my husband and I in a rowboat next to him. The instructor said my son was born to sail but he never followed up on it. I wonder if he ever will?