Thursday, September 15, 2016

A request for readers -

Just a request on the off chance anyone wanders back into the archives here - a while back, Google decided to kill Picasa Web and just make it all into Google photos. Links to Blogger were supposed to keep working and that is the case where I uploaded pictures directly to a blog post, but anywhere where I'd linked to a Picasa Web album using the URL, you now get an error message. I don't think people generally look that far back, but on the off chance you ever follow a link in an old post that's supposed to take you to an album, and you get this page instead, could you do me a big favor and leave a comment about that on that post? That would let me find it and fix it.The albums are still available, it's just the links that are broken - this is not a high-priority project for me as this blog is and always has been just for fun, but I will fix them as I find them. Thanks!

The link in the sample actually popped up in my Facebook memories - in 2010 we'd just finished the 4th leg of the 5 Years Around Long Island Trip - link was - now it's".

I should have a "nerd" label for posts like this.

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