Thursday, September 01, 2016

Draken Harald meets Hokule'a

I forgot to update Frogma with the third of my series of screenshots of the Hokule'a and Draken Harald Harfagre trackers, which I was following with glee all morning. This was around 2:15 and I was absolutely delighted to see it!

And here's how that looked from a slightly lower elevation!
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Photos from the NYS Canal System facebook page. Can't wait for the trip TQ and I are taking on the canal this Fall, more about that some other time, oh yes!

My friend Louise was able to make it to the event, which we actually helped facilitate. I can't get over the fact we were able to do that but we just ended up being in the right places to put the two voyagers in touch; she's of Norwegian descent and had been following the Draken's visit and gone to see them in Oswego, even finding a family connection among the crew, and of course I'm still all aglow every time I think about Hokule'a's visit to NYC. We got to talking to each other about how exciting it was that these two voyagers from Norway and Hawaii would actually be passing right here in New York State, and then she got in touch with her friends on the Draken and I did the same with the Hokule'a and then we put them in touch with each other and they took it from there, with Louise also getting some good notifications about the developing details out to WoodenBoat magazine (that's another Facebook page, sorry non-facebooking friends!) and others. How cool is that?

I couldn't get there of course but knowing she was there was almost as good. In fact I think that might be her in the kayak just off Draken Harald's bow. She got some great shots and talked about the event on her Facebook page (see the horn that the Draken crewmate in the yellow shorts has? Louise said the salutes between the vessels using that horn and the Hawaiian pu shell trumpet were "bone-chilling", I bet there wasn't a person there that didn't get chicken skin then!), I'll see if she'll let me borrow some of those for a very cool post, but for now I'm just sneaking in a lunchtime update. Much to do at work today as I was very very distracted yesterday!

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