Saturday, August 19, 2017

A Perfect Day at Coney Island - Yoga, A Swim, and a Sand Castle Contest

Swimming selfie with parachute jump

And what a perfect summer day I had at Coney Island today. Started with yoga on the beach led by one of the CIBBOWS members, followed that with a swim that was just a hair short of a mile (unfortunately had some foot cramp problems but was able to work through them), then enjoyed a little time hanging out by Grimaldo's Chair (Click here to read a very good article about the lifeguard after whom the chair is named - sad story but there's a lot of love there) catching up with some of my swimmer friends.

After that I headed down the beach to check out the sandcastle contest; that ran from 12 to 4 and a lot of the builders were just getting started, but there was some neat stuff going on already.

Pictures below - starts with yoga, then a few photos of the clinics that CIBBOWS was running today, then a mysterious bunch of bananas that was floating around (actually there was a whole fruit salad out there, bananas, a pear, a strawberry, some sugar cane) - maybe if I'd eaten one my foot cramps would've been better. Should've drunk more water before I started, too.

Finishes with my walk down the beach and some of the sandcastles and other sand sculptures that were being created. Pretty cool stuff, next year I'll know to go later when people are closer to done, I'd had enough sun by this point and was ready to head home, but what was there so far was pretty neat.

Finished my Coney Island day with a couple of corndogs - one of my biggest junk food weaknesses! - and a small lemonade at Nathan's. I'm only a little bit sunburned, I think I'll sleep well and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's fun!

As usual, click on any photo for a slideshow view. 


JP said...

Sounds like a great day and antidote to crazy times

bonnie said...

It was perfect!