Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Georgetown Loop Railroad, Colorado, May 26

Oh, I have not been having the summer I'd hoped to. This was supposed to be the summer where I got out on the water lots and lots - just hasn't worked out that way. There have been some good weekends but stuff just keeps going on at work and then I got a cold that lasted a full week and a half, bleah...well, all work and no play makes Bonnie a boring blogger. How about some pretty pictures from a lovely choo choo train ride  in Colorado back in May?

TQ and I said goodbye to my aunt and my cousins on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and headed southwest, heading for the town of Buena Vista. We'd decided to make a two-day drive of it, allowing time for some sightseeing en route. Now, earlier in the week, looking for something to do on Thursday, I'd been looking in some magazines with things to do in the vicinity of Denver with the idea of taking Aunt Pat out to do something fun; my eye had been caught by the Georgetown Loop Railroad, a tourist attraction offering rides that lasted a couple of hours, traveling through gorgeous scenery, on antique narrow-gauge trains pulled by antique steam locomotives. I'd written that off after seeing that it was a pretty good drive from where my cousin and his wife live, and we ended up just going for a walk along Boulder Creek, which was lovely.

However, on Friday, as we were driving towards Buena Vista, I saw a billboard for that selfsame railroad, and it turned out that our route was taking right past Georgetown! TQ was not terribly enthusiastic when I suggested a train ride, he's got less tolerance for flat-out goofy tourist stuff than I do, but I really wanted to and I happened to be the one driving at the time (ha ha!) so we ended up going. We got there just in time for the 1:00 departure, and it was great! Here are some pix - if you ever find yourself in the Georgetown, Colorado area, I would definitely recommend this. Click on any photo for a slideshow view, as usual. 


JP said...

Such a pretty railroad!

I've had a similar problem this summer - had a BIG sailing trip planned and had to cancel :(

bonnie said...

Awww, that sucks. Yeah, it's depressing when you have nice plans and then life doesn't let them happen. This was supposed to be my summer of getting myself back in shape, last year's health issues really left me slow - hasn't happened at all. :(

JP said...

Fingers crossed for next year for both our boating plans!

bonnie said...

Yes indeed!

I'm off to Ithaca for the swim support I do every year out there tomorrow - I keep thinking about how much I wish I was packing up the car with camping gear and paddling home from Waterford like I did in 2014.

Alana said...

What beautiful scenery. It's been almost 40 years since I've been in the Rockies and 21 years since I saw them from the air. Way too long a time. Have a good time in Ithaca.

Sarah's Soggy Scenarios said...

What a lovely looking train journey! Love to visit this area sometime! Oh well, I can keep dreaming!