Thursday, September 28, 2017

CKS Paddlefest 2017 - Dane Jackson competing in the C-1 Preliminary (plus a shoutout to his sister!)

And here's a video of one of the runs I was having so much fun taking pictures of. This is Dane Jackson, son of super-famous whitewater guy Eric "EJ" Jackson, he probably can't remember the first time he was put in a boat! Each paddler gets 2 runs like this; Dane took 2nd place.

More about Dane!

Addendum a little later - Just did a quick trip back to YouTube because as a paddler who's a woman, I thought it would be nice to mention that Dane's sister Emily is also a kayak rockstar; went to find a supporting video and oh my gosh this one's incredible! She does a great job of explaining how the rodeo competition works and gets into how they actually do the tricks. But there's something extra-special going on...just go watch! BTW she was at the Paddlefest and won her event (pro women's K-1), we just weren't there to watch that. Would've been great!

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