Friday, September 01, 2017


So I read this post at the No More Mr. Nice Pie this afternoon and as I read it it finally sank in to my summer-lovin' skull that yes, really, it's September and the peaches and corn won't be around much longer. NOOOO! With a 3-day weekend it's always OK to leave early (I'd been wrapping things up anyways), so I dashed right off to the Union Square greenmarket. I may have had a slight case of eyesbiggerthanstomachitis, though.

:D />

thinking peaches and mozzarella for breakfast. yum.

update: 9/2/2017 with watermelon and kalua pig. Yes, yum.


Alana said...

My dream is garden fresh tomatoes with mozzarella balls, and corn on the cob and in a few short days the dream time will be over. Alas, alas.

Rob K said...


I think it's contagious! :)

1010ParkPlace said...

It's hard to pass up all of those beautiful fruits and vegetables. I've been growing my first Meyer Lemon tree in a relatively small pot. For the last few months I've had five lemons, green so they look like limes. They're just now beginning to turn yellow at the top, and I'm excited and sad... Sunday I'm leaving for 16 days, so I wouldn't be here when they ripen!!! I won't get to taste them. A friend is going to come water my plants. Can't tell you how disappointed I am. New round of lemons I hope to be here. Brenda

Haralee Sleepwear said...

It is always hard for me to say good-bye to summer foods! A friend brought me some of her grapes and oh they were little bursts of heaven. So what if I had a stomach ache after from the same itis as you!

bonnie said...

Ah, I knew it wasn't just me! Yes, Alana, So sad when the summer bonanza comes to an end. Brenda, I hope you get to try some of your Meyer lemons one of these days. Haralee, a week ago today I was grazing in my cousin's garden in Michigan, including some wonderful grapes. Delicious!

Rob - great seeing you here when I haven't been by the Luna Park Gazette lately, that reminds me that I still need to get your book!