Sunday, October 22, 2017

cormorants cormorants brants brants brants

Work is a bit overwhelming right now but here are some good J-Bay birds. 

The brants are winter birds for Jamaica Bay. They've been getting back from their northern nesting grounds for a couple of weeks now, and even though it's been weirdly warm, hearing their "hrrnk hrrnk hrrnk" calls out there makes it feel like fall. Like the oystercatcher's "wheet wheet Wheetwheetwheetwheetwheet" promises Spring even on the iciest day in March. Much better than robins as seasonal indicators for this area, robins (or at least some of the robins) stick around all winter. 

And the cormorants are just really good at posing. 

Definitely click for slideshow view, there's an NYC skyline in one that gets downplayed in the smaller main page pictures.


Alana said...

Enjoyed the posing birds; they really do look like they are posing. Many people do not realize there is a lot of "wildlife" in New York.

Joe Rousé said...

I love the sound effects...hrrnk hrrnk hrrnk" "wheet wheet Wheetwheetwheetwheetwheet."

LauraEhlers said...

what great photos! here on the Coast of Illinois, I have been seeing titmice - they are our harbingers of winter. as much as I hate to see the hummingbirds leave, it is wonderful to see my pine tree full of cardinals and the backyard full of their anxious peeping.