Thursday, December 21, 2017

Happy Solstice!

And now the days start getting longer again, hooray!

Here's the trailer for the solstice performance at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine that Mandy and I enjoyed last week. It's just moments of each but you'll get an idea of the great performers they had.
Here's a little more of the Forces of Nature Dance Company - it was funny, for a split second as they came out in the tasseled belts I thought this was going to be the Tahitian dance segment of the performance! That would've been neat but this was great too. 

And a little more of the Balkan choir, which was also amazing. This is another performance, not the solstice concert, but I picked it because there are some dancers, starting at 1:07 if you want to see those. Wonderful harmonies.

And here's Teresa Thomason. Again, another performance, and this one completely wrong for a winter solstice post, being about winter being over when it's actually just begun, but it gives a better idea of her splendiferous voice than the videos I found of her in the solstice concert -- magnificent in person but the  reverberating acoustics of the cathedral make the videos sound murky. I thought this was lovely so inappropiate though it is for the day, here you go. 

And here's a good short video explaining of solstice from National Geographic. If you have a little more time, this summary is expanded upon nicely in this article

Happy Solstice!


Beth(GrannyBeth3) said...

For me its a wonderful evening of self reflection and a morning of hope.

Alana said...

I'm happy you posted these "moments" (or moments like what you viewed) of that concert. It would have been wonderful to view in person. What energetic dancing! And the singing was so lovely, too.

Anonymous said...

happy solstice to you, Bonnie. See you in January.

bonnie said...

Thanks! I wanted to share a little more of the performers, who were all amazing. Happy Solstice to all!