Thursday, December 28, 2017

NYC Holiday Windows 2017

Bergdorf Goodman's window in honor of the New-York Historical Society, part of their To New York With Love theme. Click here for the evening's Flickr album.

I can't remember why we skipped last year, but Mandy and I resumed our annual holiday window viewing this year, braving an icy cold night to do so. We usually finish with Bergdorf Goodman and Tiffany, which tend to be the best, but this year we went the other way around in case we ran out of steam early.

We made it down to Lord & Taylor, at which point Mandy jumped in a cab and I headed for the Herald Square subway station. Since I had to go right by Macy's anyways I did finish with a look at their windows - we aren't always crazy about them so generally that's the one we skip if we're feeling like we've had enough, which is usually the case, but I was kind of sad to discover this year Mandy would really have enjoyed them - they were these very cute New York cityscapes populated by cartoon animals. Sorry Mandy!

Here were my quick impressions as I was putting up photos on Facebook late late late at night:

Bergdorf's - Salute to NYC with window themes honoring local cultural institutions - the NY Phil, NY Botanic Garden, New-York Historical Society, Museum of the Moving Image, and the Natural History Museum. Pretty nice!

Tiffany's - Vignettes with silver artists' dummies and some of the items from their odd "Everyday Items" collections, which features things like tin cans and paper plates and high school geometry tools and bird nests and other ordinary objects made out of sterling silver. Not as cool as some of their past displays, in my opinion, although the ice fishing scene was done nicely and I did like the miniature Metropolitan Opera chandeliers in the sculptor's studio scene.

Saks - 80th anniversary of Walt Disney's Snow White, main windows featured scenes from the movie, light show a castle theme with music from the movie. I would love to know how many light bulbs they used! Side windows had fairy tale themed fashions, a couple quite gorgeous.

Lord & Taylor - Apparently snow globes was the theme, I didn't quite get that as the first one we saw had some kind of Jules Verne/steampunk sense to it and I was thinking more along those lines - also the Hallmark Channel sponsorship which was clearly stated on all of the windows had me thinking this was supposed to represent some television special I hadn't seen. Fun to look at but kind of confusing. They also had some neat small paper-cutout NYC vignettes that reminded me of Tiffany's in other years, just needed a few more sparklies!

Macy's - As mentioned, NYC scenes populated by cute cartoon animals, plus Santa. Loved the nod to the local whales, of course, and the subway worker rats (with pizza!) were a fun touch.

A couple of other landmarks interspersed.

Finished with Newkirk Plaza - Be it ever so humble!

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